About ApCal Rock’n Ranch

Our Story

ApCal has evolved over the years! What started out as a wine tasting room and visitor center has turned into the Best Outdoor Concert Venue in the Central Valley! From our humble beginnings on the “Patio Stage” with local bands to the big outdoor stage in the corner of the yard with LA tribute bands — ApCal has always brought great music to the Central Valley!

Today, we have gone over the top! We’ve unveiled a 40’x40’ stage and a 40’x40’ dance floor along with all the seating you need to spread your wings and social distance, regardless of how big the crowd is. We bring the BEST bands that we can find from all over California. The ApCal Rock’n Ranch is the music destination in the Central Valley!

The Music

The ApCal Rock’n Ranch offers a wide variety of music — classic rock, country, Latin, 90s, R&B, blues, soul/funk — even some comedy from time to time. Our goal is to bring the BEST entertainment that our guests want to see and hear. Please share your suggestions!

The Bar

The ApCal Rock’n Ranch bar has also changed significantly. We ain’t yo momma’s wine bar no mo’! Yes, we still offer Premium California Wines, Riley’s Brewing beer (exclusively, cuz it’s just that damn good), and now — pre-mixed cocktails, plus shots of whisky, vodka, gin and tequila. Talk about getting your drink on!

Food Trucks

Are you hungry? At every ApCal Rock’n Ranch concert, we invite the Valley’s BEST local food vendors. These hand-picked food trucks provide an array of different cuisines, styles, and flavors — and their service is second to none. Come hungry or take something for the road. You can’t miss with the ApCal food truck experience.

VIP Tables

When we say VIP . . . We mean VIP! Out here at the new ApCal Rock’n Ranch we have made some changes that we think you’ll love! Check out what you get:

  • VIP table for 8 people
  • Concert tickets for 8 people
  • Table service from our bar
  • Premium seating close to the stage and dance floor
  • Access to reserved VIP porta-potties

There is a limit of 20 VIP tables per event and you’ll need to reserve at least 24 hours in advance of the event, so book yours today before they’re gone!

*Sales for VIP tables will begin for our show on March 26, 2022.

The ApCal Experience

We treat everyone like family at ApCal (the family that you like!). We’re kicked-back, relaxed, and fun! Bring a lawn chair, bring some snacks, have a drink or ten, and relax in the tranquility of the countryside. The ApCal Rock’n Ranch is the perfect place to leave the stress behind you and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside … with live music, dancing and booze! What are you waiting for? Come see for yourself! We are the NEW ApCal Rock’n Ranch!