Wino’s Picks of the Week For January 25-31, 2016

Wino’s Weekly Update

Your Tasting List for Jan 25th – 31st

E.C. Wino

The top of the week is about time that we Mavens set our in-house pour set. And of course, we like to keep everybody to date on what we are featuring for the week. Variety is the spice of life, anyway, or so goes the cliché.Jan-25-wineo-blog-picture-New
So here are a few stand-outs from this week’s featured wines, and, of course, a few tasting notes in case you need’em. Keep in mind, this is a short list — there is plenty more behind the bar!

Red Wines

Yribarren Westside Red (2012) — A blended red wine produced and bottled in Kerman, CA, featuring Tempranillo and Grenache Noir among others. Smoky, earthy and fairly mellow. Wino suggests hard, aged cheeses or braised beef.

Robert Hall Cabernet Sauvignon (2013) — A Paso Robles Cabernet; ripened berry, spice and bitter-sweet cocoa jump out of the glass. Pair with BBQ ribs for a sweet/spicy contrast. An E.C. Wino Favorite.

Solitary Cellars Barbera (2013) — A Shenandoah Valley Barbera: bright and medium-bodied with prominent berry notes. E.C. Wino suggests a creamed mushroom soup or the traditional green bean casserole.

White Wines

Rancho Sisqouc Riesling (2014) — This Santa Barbera Riesling is the epitome of “crowd pleasing.” Mild acidity, unobtrusive sweetness and a nice candied apple aroma. Pairs well with spicy food — from Thai to tacos.

Two Friend’s Chardonnay (2013) — Bottled in Madera, this California Chardonnay is half stainless steel/half oak-barrel fermented. Subtle hints of toast, vanilla and pears. Try it with a mild curry.

Dessert Wines

Salt of the Earth, Flor de Moscato (2014) — Orange Muscat takes the center stage in this dessert wine. Rich, fruit-forward and best served chilled, or over ice. A local favorite.

Ficklin Raspberry Passport — Punchy, sweet and potent. This fortified and flavored ruby port is an ApCal staple. Best when served straight up, or as a key component to an adult Affogato. All you need to make it is a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a few ounces of Ficklin.