5 Reason You Should Visit ApCal

Reason #1 – The Venue!

[custom_frame_left]Sunset from The Vineyard Room at ApCal[/custom_frame_left]
ApCal is one of the most beautiful venues in the Central Valley. As you approach the 1920s era Spanish Colonial style Tasting Room, you pass through the fragrances of our lush gardens and the sounds of a tranquil water fountain. Our backyard, with expansive lawns and beautiful landscaping is watched over by a magnificent Valley Oak that is estimated to be between 150-200 yrs old. While sipping a glass of wine on the patio, you are surrounded by our 200 acre vineyards, that look toward the most colorful sunsets in the Valley. When you step into ApCal, you’ll forget you’re in the Central Valley of California!

Reason#2 – The Parties!

We specialize in all kinds of events; weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, holiday parties, quinceaneras, corporate events, charity fundraisers, class reunions, anniversary parties, festivals and live music concerts! If you have a reason to PARTY – we can make it an event to remember! We have earned our reputation as the BEST outdoor venue in the Valley!

Reason #3 – The Location!

Location, location, location. Conveniently located on Hwy 99 & Ave 7, half way between Fresno and Madera, ApCal is the perfect place to stop on the way home from work and have a glass of wine with friends. Since we are only one exit north of Herndon Ave, you and your friends can be sipping wine at ApCal in less than 15-20 minutes from almost anywhere in Fresno, Madera or Clovis. Just to make it more convenient, our new Summer Hours will be from Noon to 7:00 pm, seven days a week, starting April 1st! How can you beat that?

Reason #4 – The Wine Mavens!

[custom_frame_right]ApCal Wine Maven Team[/custom_frame_right]According to Webster’s Dictionary, a “maven” is anyone with vast knowledge on a particular topic. Here at ApCal, we have these magical creatures called the “Wine Mavens”. Not only are these lovely ladies knowledgeable, but they are FUN! Be warned however, people in the presence of Wine Mavens are known to suffer from the following symptoms: laughter, merriment, and consumption multiple glasses of wine! We are proud of our Wine Mavens, and they fit in so well here at ApCal because our motto is FUN . . . wine is just the souvenir of the experience! Next time you’re craving a great time, you know where you need to be!

Reason #5 – The Wine!

We pride ourselves on finding the very best LOCAL wines and selling them at great prices. Of course ApCal has a top shelf selection, as you never know when you might have a special occasion or you just want to do that little something extra to impress someone. Most of our wines are $20 or less, and when we say “most”, we mean 35+ different wines in this price range. With a great selection and great prices, there’s no need to go anywhere else. ApCal is your One Stop Shop!