Wino’s Picks of the Week for February 22-29

Wino’s Picks of the Week

February 22nd-29th

E.C. Wino

It’s Monday – we know how to play this game. Now once more – with feeling!

Red Wines

Epix Blended Red Wine

Equal parts Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet make for mellow tannins and a fruit-driven red wine. Each varietal is fermented for at least 12 months in its own respective barrel and is blended prior to bottling. The result is a crowd-pleasing and flexible wine that pairs wonderfully with grilled proteins.

Robert Hall Zinfandel (2013)

Paso Robles born and cellared. This oak-barreled wine is a practice in balance and complexity. A big raspberry aroma takes the lead, and is carried through by a full-bodied mouth-feel and a warm but subtle, peppery finish. Approachable, smooth, and a wonderful tribute to the California Zinfandel tradition.

White Wine

Mariposa Malvasia Bianca (2014)

This little gem has the honor of being one of the few locally sourced wines in stock. While many of our wines are vinted, cellared and bottled in the Central Valley, this Malvasia is sourced from Madera’s own Malvasia grapes. The bouquet begins with a hints of ripe pears and demaree sugar, but the wine lands rather softly on the palate. Low in acidity, and just off-dry – best chilled.

Sweet Wines

True Temptation Mango Mambo

San Joaquin winery specializes in what one may describe as “putting alcohol in very well-hidden places.” This flavored white wine does exactly that: tropical flavors take the palate in this deceptively light wine. Whereas some sweet wines might blind the palate with sugars, True Temptations Mango eases itself over the palate with a refreshing hints of tempered sweetness. Serve chilled or over ice, or as company to spicy foods.