Fresno Magazine Most Eligible Bachelor…
Darren Schmall?

[custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left]Now wait a minute, out of this entire area we go on a hunt for the most eligible bachelor and we come up with ApCal’s own Darren! What has this Valley come to? I tease of course! We are so proud of Darren. We weren’t sure what was going to happen when a few of us nominated him, but his Facebook friends and ApCal’s Facebook friends kicked into gear and just tore the competition apart!

It couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Fourth generation farmer, wine tasting room owner who’s backing local product 100%, father to 2 wonderful girls, and Ag Educator, I think they made the right choice. Darren is right now as I type in Moldova helping local farmers learn how to develop and market their products. Darren is always up to have a good time, but is also a very serious business man.

So hats off to you Darren, the Fresno area’s most eligible bachelor.

More Information

To read the article about Darren in Fresno Magazine, CLICK HERE to view a digital copy and flip to page 28.
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