Introducing our NEW ApCal Team – The Wine Mavens


The Wine Mavens of ApCal

According to Webster, a “maven” is someone with exceptional knowledge on a given subject. Here at ApCal, our favorite subject is wine and our Team of lovely ladies are ready to share their knowledge with you in a fun and engaging way.

The attitude around ApCal is this – “Enjoying wine with family and friends should be fun! If you learn a little along the way, then it’s just that much better.” Our friendly staff was chosen because of their personalities, NOT because of their wine snobbiness. No one on our Team will ever make you feel uncomfortable if you are just beginning to explore wine and they’d be happy to learn a thing or two from any ol’ pros that come our way. They discuss wine just like you would with your friends – in a real world and understandable language that everyone will relate to. Though all of our Team loves wine, they all enjoy different types. Some like sweet wines, while others prefer whites and a few favor the big, bold reds.

You’ll find Cindy behind the bar Friday through Monday, while Keely and Paige pick up the slack on Tuesday and Thursday. During our weekend live music concerts you’ll be well taken care at the bar by the British sister duo of Nicola and Sandra, as well as Tracy, Paige, Marilyn, Kelli and Beth. These beautiful baristas not only know their wines, but they serve it with an extra shot of personality and fun! Our customers always say that the Wine Mavens make our wines taste even better. So the next time you are looking for something fun to do, come join the party at ApCal. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your visit, taste some great local wines and make new friends with the Wine Mavens of ApCal!

See you at ApCal!