Mr. ApCal’s Frist wine from Family Grapes

Mr. ApCal's first family grown wine framed imageSo many of our friends have asked us, “Do you make any of your own wine?” We smile and say no. Well that has all changed now! Thanks to the help of Tony Kirk and Birdstone Winery, we now have a Red wine blend made from Mr. ApCal’s family’s own grapes!

Introducing Alejandra‚Äôs Tres Amigas! This is a blend that’s a tad on the lighter side, and consists of Grenache, Merlot, and Alicante Bouschet. The Grenache gives the wine a lightly spiced flavor with a helping a red fruit, the Alicante lends just enough of a floral aroma, and the Merlot tends to smooth the whole thing out and give us a bit of that wine taste we have all grown to love. Alejandra’s has a little zing to it, but I would not consider this a dry wine for those of you that tend to shy away from anything that screams to be eaten with big, juicy, and well-seasoned hunk of meat.

So stop by ApCal as soon as you can before our first home grown wine is gone. You can try the newest member to our wine family on us, and let us know what you think.