New VIP Area for ApCal Concerts!

Since ApCal has gone to having live music every Friday and Saturday evening through the months with good weather, we know that some of you have been disappointed that you cannot rent our facility for a private party. Well friends, we have come up with something that just might fill your needs.

We have decided that our Patio area (where the bands play on Friday nights) and the Vineyard Room with the leather furniture that opens up to the Patio area will be available as a VIP rental space.
The pricing is easy, if you want that New VIP area on a Saturday night it will cost $1,000. Wow, now that sounds like a lot of cash right, WRONG! True it will cost you $1,000, BUT, you and up to 29 of your guests will be able to drink up to $1,000 of wine or beer! That’s right, there really is no rental fee at all if you think about it.

The Rules…

• It will be limited to 30 people total, and between Patio and Vineyard room seating there is enough seating for all.
• YOU MUST consume your wine and beer while at the event, you do not get to take home any remaining wine, beer, or credit.
• We realize that you may not drink $1,000 worth of wine and beer, the balance is the rental fee. ALSO this fee does not include entry to the events.
• You are welcome to pre-purchase tickets for your guests (in this case we would need a guest list), or you can have your guests purchase tickets when they get here. Just be sure to be clear with your guests about which route you choose to take.

The Perks…

• No real rental cost
• Exclusive use of Patio and the Air Conditioned Vineyard room
• Exclusive use of VIP restroom from inside just for your party
• Your own PRIVATE bartender
• Optional misters over Patio
• No luggin in lawn chairs or renting multiple tables for your group

If this sounds good give us a call at (559) 674-9463 and we will be happy to help you book your VIP night at ApCal!