Sean’s Weekend Wine Pick – Solitary Cellars Syrah

Solitary Cellars Syrah bottleMy Weekend Wine Pick this week is from a newer winery-Solitary Cellars. Although it may be new, it is quickly making local heads turn. Solitary Cellars was started by 3 CO’s (corrections officers) – hence the name Solitary Cellars, and these guys are a blast. Customers will stand for hours listening to the tales these guys tell and how they come up with the names to some of their wines.

The Solitary Cellars Syrah is my favorite so far. This is a Syrah that can be paired with a wide range for foods. It’s heavy with plum and cherry on the nose and full of juicy red berry on the palate. If you’re looking for a full bodied red wine without going overboard on the tannins, this is a great choice.

The boys over a Solitary suggest pairing this wine with some beef or lamb sliders next to the pool to chill out on a hot day. That sounds perfect to me! So stop by ApCal and give the Solitary Cellars Syrah a try before it all gone, and as fast as this wine sells it might not be long.