Wino’s Weekly Picks February 29 through March 7 BEER Edition

Wino’s Picks of the Week for Feb. 29 – March 7 (Beer Edition)

E.C. Wino

Wine makes up the backbone of our selections — and that can overshadow the breadth of our beer selection. Riley’s Brewing Co. out of Madera is the star of this ongoing beer show, and there is plenty different tastes for every sort of beer drinker. So for this week, Don Wino dedicated his time to the extent of Riley’s various offering.

Sancha Honey Blonde – This light-bodied, easy-drinking honey blonde may very well be Riley’s best emissary to the Macro-brew drinking crowd. The touch of honey plays well with delicate hints of toast. Cascade hops ease hints of citrus over the palate. The end result is a moderately carbonated and delicate beer that may serve to convert even the staunchest of Macro-brew drinkers. Try it spiced, Michelada style, or as the base of lemon shandy.

Cougar Pale Ale – This American interpretation of an English Pale Ale boasts malty biscuit notes with hints of caramel and a soft, palate-pleasing bitterness. At 5 percent ABV, this APA serves best as a flavorful session beer.

Riley’s India Pale Ale – This West Coast IPA exchanges tongue-blinding hops for flavor and drops hints of grapefruit and cedar-like aromas. Pours bright orange with an off-white creamy head. Modest carbonation and a medium body make this IPA a great introduction to craft beer newbies.

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Catching Up IPA – The more complex cousin of Riley’s IPA, this blend of five hops runs the gamut in bouquet and flavor. Notes of orange peel back a pine float above a rich head, laces nicely against the glass. Finishes brisk and off-bitter.

Kilty as Charged Scotch Ale – This Wee Heavy boasts notes of smoke and caramel that open up as the beer gains temperature. Rich, malty and pleasantly aggressive.

Rain Dance Imperial Stout – Toasty, chocolatey, smokey and boozey, with slight hints of coffee on the finish. This rich imperial stout is a great sipper, or served chilled over vanilla ice cream.