You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Enjoy Wine!

[custom_frame_left]Moody Press Zin[/custom_frame_left]It seems wine is always thought of as the wealthy man’s drink. We have all seen the movies and reality shows where the rich and famous sit around sipping on a glass of wine, while your average Joe is bellied up to the bar, slumped over, slurping down a beer.

Well . . . we’re here to tell you that these stereotypes don’t have to be true. Sure, if you think to enjoy a glass of wine you have to buy a $400 bottle of Opus One Cab, then you may need to be rich to enjoy wine. But did you know wine got so popular back years and years ago because in a lot of places the water was not safe to drink? Back then you better believe there was wine on most every table. You didn’t have to be rich back then to have wine and you still don’t!

[custom_frame_right]J wulf late harvest[/custom_frame_right]Here at ApCal we specialize in delicious local wines priced under $20 a bottle. We would love to introduce you to all the fine local wine that anyone can afford. We have Cabernet and Zinfandel from Moody Press (owned by San Joaquin Wine Company) for $18 that would rival the wine being produced at the Paso Robles wineries. We have sweet wines from Quady and J Wulf Cellars for new wine drinkers and lovers of the sweeter things in life.

So remember, it doesn’t matter what the “experts” say you should drink – if you like it, it’s good! Come out to ApCal and you will find a wine you love that won’t break the bank and you will have a great experience doing it!