Craft Beer from Riley’s Brewing – The Official Craft Beer at ApCal

Riley's Brewing Logo MaderaApCal is an official Tap House for Riley’s Brewing and exclusively serves Riley’s beer. Their beer is produced locally in Madera, CA and has grown from a hobby to one of the best microbrews in California. Whether you like Pale Ale or an IPA or one of their Hard Sodas, you’re sure to find something delicious to quench your thirst! Beer is available for $6 per glass.

ApCal not only sells great local wines, but we also exclusively sell craft beer from Riley’s Brewing. We always have at least 4 varieties of beer on tap, more during our concerts, and an even larger selection by the bottle in the Riley’s Brewing Swag room. Read on to learn about some of the craft beer created by Riley’s Brewing.


Blonde Ale Brewed with Real Honey
5.5% ALC/VOL 20 IBU
Blonde Ale Brewed With Real Honey
Rileys Brewing Sancha Craft BeerAn exceptionally easy-drinking, light-bodied ale. Smooth and refreshing, this blonde ale is brewed with real honey and lightly hopped with a touch of Cascade hops for a balanced, unique brew.


Pale Ale
5.0% ALC/VOL 30 IBU
Riley's Brewing Cougar Craft BeerCougar is our American interpretation of an English Ale. It features malty caramel flavors with a medium body and light bitterness derived from cascade hops. This makes for a remarkably easy-drinking and flavorful pale ale.

Catching Up

Indian Pale Ale
7.0% ALC/VOL 65 IBU
Riley's Brewing Catching Up Craft BeerThis IPA is hop-bursted with El Dorado, Amarillo, Ahtanum, Cascade and Chinook hops during the boiling process. Hints and aromas of juicy fruits, citrus and pine are balanced with clean bitterness in this tribute to the new generation of American hops.


5.5% ALC/VOL 40 IBU
Riley's Brewing Cowlifornia Brand Art Craft BeerA sweet and creamy mouth-feel from milk sugar and flaked oats is harmoniously balanced with a rich, roasty finish from darkly roasted malts. Expect notes of semisweet chocolate and coffee with some light caramel character from this decadent and luscious sweet stout.


Spring – Drop Kick Molly

Riley's Brewing Drop Kick Molly Brand Art Craft Beer

Irish Red Ale
5.5% ALC/VOL 20 IBU
Our Irish Red Ale is brewed with crystal malts that add sweet caramel flavors. Roasted barely lends both a roasty dry finish and a beautiful ruby red hue. Earthy Goldings hops are then used for balance, making Dropkick Molly a deliciously drinkable brew.

Summer – Pineapple Mango Sancha

Blond Ale Brewed wtih Real Honey
5.5% ALC/VOL 20 IBU
Riley's Brewing Pineapple-Mango Sancha Art Craft BeerWe added the bright, juicy flavors of pineapple and mango to Sancha for a tropical twist on our flagship Honey Blonde Ale.  The result is a crisp, light-bodied brew with a refreshing bouquet of fruit, just perfect for a sunny California Summer.

Fall – Vixen

Dark Wheat Ale
6.0% ALC/VOL 20 IBU
Riley's Brewing Vixen Brand Art Craft BeerOur smooth take on a Dunkelweizen.  Vixen is a delicious dark wheat ale.  Red wheat and chocolate malts provide a toasty, smooth mocha aroma with a medium body.  Goldings hops lend a light and balanced bitterness.


Kilty as Charged

Strong Scotch Ale
9.0% ALC/VOL 20 IBU
Riley's Brewing Kilty Brand Art Craft BeerSpecialty malts with a long boil bring big caramel flavor and aroma;  with hints of roasted barely and peaty smoke for your enjoyment.  A slight alcohol warmth balances the full-bodied complexity and malty sweetness to make this a Wee Heavy worth sipping.

Rain Dance

Imperial Stout< 9.5% ALC/VOL 55 IBU Riley's Brewing Rain Dance Art Craft BeerRich dark chocolate, roasted malts and caramel, balanced with notes of coffee, dark fruits, oak and earthy Goldings hops make for a delicious and malty brew.  Light carbonation provides a thick and full body to our Imperial Stout.


Hard Ginger

Riley's Brewing Hard Ginger Beer Craft BeerReal ginger and lime are perfectly blended to make this a light and refreshing drink with an added kick to it. Grab a bottle today and enjoy this crisp, invigorating hard ginger beer spiced ale.

Hard Orange Cream

Riley's Brewing Hard Orange Cream Craft Beer
The taste of fresh picked oranges infused with pure vanilla cream, gives this hand-crafted spiced ale a flavor like no other. Enjoy this crisp, refreshing drink that will leave you wanting more and more…

Hard Root Beer

Riley's Brewing Hard Root Beer Art Craft BeerOur hand crafted root beer ​with an added kick to it, as if it were made on the still. Nothing can compare to the full flavor of this truly original recipe. Made the way Grandpa would make it!

Hard Vanilla Cream

Riley's Brewing Hard Vanilla Cream Craft Beer
Vanilla and Cream are merged together in perfect harmony in this Hard hand- crafted spiced ale. Take a sip and become addicted to this creamy, dreamy beverage.