A to your Q

Have a question? Or more than one question? Your best bet is to check out the FAQs below. We’ve broken them down into sections to make is easier to review.

Ticket Q&A

How much are ticket to an ApCal concert?

Friday night events are typically $12 in advance and $15 at the at the gate. Saturday nights are typically $17 in advance and $20 the gate.

Why can’t I buy tickets for today’s event or concert?

Event or concert tickets are typically available till noon the day of the event. If it is a daytime event, like a festival, they will typically be available online until 11am or 1 hour before the event starts. This is to allow time for ticket processing.

I didn’t receive my tickets or confirmation in my email.

If you didn’t receive your tickets or confirmation in you email, don’t worry. There are a few email providers that mark our emails as spam, or block them all together. If you have verified that the funds have been deducted from your payment account, you will be on our list and just need to give your name at the pre-paid ticket area. If you would like to verify that we have you on our list, please feel free to email tickets@apcalwine.com.

Can I buy my tickets in person at ApCal?

We don’t sell “hard” tickets. All ticket sales are done online via credit card. You are welcome to come to ApCal and use one of our iPads to purchase tickets any time. If you prefer, you can also email tickets@apcalwine.com with your phone number, and a member of our team will process the order over the phone as well.

Event Q&A

What time do gates open?

Gates usually open 1 hour before the festivities of the event or concert starts. For normal Saturday concerts, the gates will open at 6pm for people purchasing at the gate, and 5pm for people that pre purchased online.

When does the ApCal concert season start?

The ApCal concert season starts the first Saturday in May, but also has festivals in March and April.

Is seating available at ApCal?

ApCal is a large grassy area. We do not provide any seating other than our reserved tables. We suggest that everyone brings a lawn chair or blanket to sit on.

Can I reserve a table at ApCal?

YES — you can reserve a table for 10 guest online when you purchase tickets. Reserved tables are located under the Oak Tree. Tables are covered with a linen and will have your name on a table sign.

Can I bring drinks into ApCal?

NO — no beverages of ANY kind can be brought into ApCal. This includes alcohol, soda, water, etc per ABC rules.

Can I bring food to ApCal?

YES — you are welcome to bring in food at ApCal

What type of music do you have at ApCal?

We host a wide variety of entertainment at ApCal, including Classic Rock, Country, Latin, Blues, Comedy, etc

Is “security” present at ApCal events?

YES — our Event Staff checks IDs and all ice chests, bags, etc at the gate. Once inside our Event Staff monitors the grounds at all times to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Is beer served at ApCal?

YES — ApCal serves Riley’s Brewing craft beer exclusively. We offer a variety of styles of beer and hard sodas

Are weapons allowed?

No, we don’t allow any outside weapons. This includes off duty law enforcement .

Location Q&A

Where is ApCal?

ApCal is just off Highway 99 on Avenue 7. Just one mile North of Herndon.

Is ApCal open during the week?

Yes, ApCal is open 7 days a week, noon till 5pm.

Is parking free at ApCal?

YES — Parking is always FREE at ApCal. Our parking lot is dirt, however we apply a dust control product to keep down the dust.

Is there Handicap Parking spaces at ApCal?

YES — ApCal has numerous Handicap Parking space right next to the entrance for our customers.

Is there Motorcycle Parking available at ApCal?

YES — ApCal has a Motorcycle Parking area right near the entrance?

Is smoking marijuana allowed at ApCal?

NO — smoking of marijuana is NOT ALLOWED in public places. Though it is legal in California, smoking marijuana is restricted to home use under Prop 64

Is Smoking allowed at ApCal?

YES — Smoking of tobacco products, vapes and E-cigarettes is permitted at ApCal in the designated Smoking area only.