Saturday February 23 2013 • Mr. ApCal’s Birthday Bash

[custom_frame_left]darren-birthday-bash-inside-post-image[/custom_frame_left]It’s a party soooo BIG that it only happens once a year! Yes folks, Mr ApCal is turning another year older – 48 yrs old to be exact, even though we tell him he doesn’t doesn’t look a day over 60! We’re going to help him celebrate in true “ApCal Style”, but we need your help! The man has over 5000 Facebook friends, so we’d like to see at least 500 show up, even if it’s for just ONE drink with the old man!

As you all know, our colorful leader LOVES his Hawaiian shirts! With that said, we are asking those so inclined to find the MOST OBNOXIOUS Hawaiian shirt you can get your hands on (Thrift Stores ONLY – no more than $5 – X-large size) and bring it to the party, in lieu of Geritol, Adult Diapers or Preparation H! We’ll make sure the boss models your generous and colorful gift for everyone at the party and we’ll post a pic of you and the B-day boy on Facebook for all to see!

Let’s all have some fun at the old man’s expense! REALLY – he’ll think we’re laughing with him and not at him! LOL Come join the party and help us make the “Big D” feel special on his birthday! Wine, beer, snacks, DJ and dancing! Don’t miss it!!!

Saturday Feb 23rd
FREE Admission