Wino’s Picks of the Week for February 8-15

Wino’s Picks of the Week

Your tasting list for Feb 8th-15th

E.C. Wino

They call it stormy Monday, but its sunny with a 100 percent chance of wine here at ApCal. As per our top of the week tradition, here is a fresh set of Wino’s Picks.

Red Wines

• Engelmann Cellars (Gravel Pit) Syrah (2012) – Boasting a name that implies grating teeth and truck tire slips over a country road, this Fresno-vinted, full-bodied Syrah boasts a surprisingly smooth and complex palate. A soft and sweet berry finish close off what begins as bright and smoky, with a subtle hint of cocoa. For the geography buffs, “The Gravel Pit” sits on the banks of the San Joaquin River, and are home to the Syrah grapes that make this wine.

• Big Guy Blended Red Wine (2013) – Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot make up the bulk of this blended red wine. Rich with dark fruit characteristics and a subtle, oaky sweetness – complex enough for even the most discerning palate, but gentle enough for weekend wino’s. Pair with a Santa Maria seasoned tri-tip or George Thoroughgood the situation and drink it alone.

•Solitary Cellars Syrah (2013) – Born in the Santa Lucia Highlands, this garnet-hued wine boasts a delicate berry nose and a velveteen finish. Pleasantly dry with a lingering minerality – pairs best with Korean BBQ.

White Wine

• William Hill Chardonnay (2014) – This Central Coast Chardonnay boasts a hints of citrus and tropical fruit. Hints of toasted oak and vanilla add depth and body, leading this crowd-favorite to a balanced, creamy finish.

Sweet Wine

• Allure Bubbly Moscato – Ceres, California born. This lively, floral and fruit-forward carbonated Muscato is a clinical study in “crowd pleasing.” Hints of apricots and pears dominate the front – the sparkling texture and subtle sweetness close out the back. Food-friendly, party-approved.

Quady Electra Giveaway – Closed

Quady Electra Giveaway photo


Enter for a chance to win this bottle of Quady Electra. This is one of the Valley’s best sweet dessert wines. If there was ever a winery out there that makes great sweet wine, it’s Quady Winery. To enter: like, share, and make sure you leave a comment below so we may contact you if you win (be sure to enter an email address so you may be contacted, email addresses will be kept confidential). This contest will run from January 25th to January 31st. (The winner is randomly selected from those who complete: like, share, and comment) We will announce the winner on February 1st.

*Must be 21 years or older to enter.

Good Luck!!

Quady Electra Moscato

Electra Moscato from Quady Winery


Orange Muscat is one of the few wine grapes that taste just like the finished product, even if you pick it right off the vine. Quady Winery is one of the best known Central Valley wineries, having produced their popular dessert wines and ports for decades. Try Electra with carrot cake.

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