Sean Spence

SeanSpenseI have really enjoyed my time at ApCal. I wasn’t a wine person when I first started, and of course that has changed. 7 years ago I may have mistaken Bordeaux for a color of wood stain. Oh how much has changed.

ApCal has given me the opportunity to work in several areas I really enjoy: technology, operations management, working with a diverse group of people, and assisting customers from all walks of life. It has helped take me from a quiet shy person to someone that loves meeting new people.

I look forward to what every new seasons brings because every season seems to be so different from the last. ApCal was started with the plan to serve local wine to travelers along Highway 99, and we still do. However we have turned into the premier outdoor concert venue in the Fresno area, and it’s been a wild ride!

Here’s to many more seasons of local wine, Riley’s Brewing Beer, and rockin’ concerts!

The Wine Mavens

ApCal Wine MavensAccording to Mr Webster, a maven is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. Our Team of lovely wine pourers is no exception to this definition, however we added another qualification to become an ApCal Wine Maven – FUN!!! Not only are our lovely ladies knowledgeable – they’re fun too! Each was chosen based on their personality and hospitality skills, then we taught them about the wines of our region. We instructed them to make a friend of everyone who walks through our doors, so it’s not surprising that many of our customers know our Team members by first name. The most common compliment that we get at ApCal is how fun and friendly our staff is! Come meet the ApCal Wine Mavens and see for yourself!