Wine Education

Classes will start in January 2012.

Wine Merlot Bottle and Glasses
Ever wonder why certain wines go with certain foods? Ever wonder what in the world “they” are talking about when you read the back of a wine label? Ever wanted to learn just a little more about wine, but were intimidated by the “Wine Snob” who teaches the class?

Well . . . ApCal’s “Wild About Wine 101” class is just what you’re looking for! Our wine drinking motto is “If YOU like it, then it’s good wine!” In three, 2 hour classes, you’ll learn about the history of wines around the world, varieties and where they grow best, why what you taste is really what you smell, simple food and wine chemistry, pairing the right wine with the right food and much, much more! Wine is meant to be enjoyed with great food and great friends – we’ll supply the food – you invite your family and friends along for this entertaining and education wine lovers experience!

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